The Endless Watch Cover4.jpg

The Glimmering Ark from the Sky it fell…


When the crystalline ark Vigale strikes Eretan the world is changed forever. Gods have fallen from heaven and brought with them those they vowed to protect from the sins they’ve committed on reality. This primitive world is shaped by their will and directed to a better path. All are given purpose, hope, and peace; three things they have never known in such abundance.

Until the day the last of the Visitors passes.

The remaining husk of the wonderous star galleon, its halls now locked from outsiders, contains an eternity of knowledge, science and technology so advanced it might as well be magic. And so, under the guise of safety, two great kingdoms war. Upon its bow the blood of tens of thousands is shed. Decades pass. No victor is crowned.

Towers are built by the lords of north and south, and the Endless Watch is born. A balance to keep one another from the ultimate prize of their benefactors.

Living in the shadow of this cyclical conflict, a war that rises and falls with the tides, a dark threat bent on overturning all that the Visitors sought to make absolution over gestates. Pieces move on the great board—a boy who seeks revenge, a king without an heir, a father who will burn the world to protect his family, and a wizard desiring nothing more than peace.

But who is playing the game? And to what end do they play? Who will fuel the embers of a tenuous peace to ignite the fires of war, and thus allow darkness to have its day?