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 A curious spirit born of a fanatical culture seeks to find his place beneath the shadow of two mysterious stone gods. 

"This was such a great read. I'm talking binge reading in one sitting, stayed in the tub until the water was FREEZING, had me hooked from page one GREAT! Really interesting characters, and the ending! Oh my the ending is absolute perfection. I still have chills. This may very well be J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin's best work yet." - Elizabeth A.

"A story of the tragedy and triumph of the human condition." - C.A.

"...thought provoking and edgy." - D.J.

Stone gods or much more?

A curious spirit, Tungui, is not content to believe all he is told. As such, he resolves himself to climb the sacred statues of the Aderfeya, the great stone brothers his people worship at the center of their holy city. Reaching the shoulders of one brother by rope, he is given a perspective no one else dare seek, deserts spread out to the horizon, winding rivers of life, and a glowing city in the west. But as the sun sets, the statue’s skin changes, and Tungui finds himself plummeting to his death with too many regrets lodged in his heart. 

Saved by luck and mud, he survives the fall, but is shunned by his family, and viewed as a pariah within their society for touching their gods. Before he can recover from his pains, their holy city is overrun by invaders who force them to flee into the west. Tungui’s sin is to blame. He is the reason for their hardship. He would be better off dead.

As his people journey into exodus, Tungui must discover who he is. Though he is hated, he is compelled to try and save his family and his people. With a courage never known, Tungui is thrust into danger and rejection at each turn, but by fate finds himself a new life. Years pass, the good and the bad come and go. Nothing remains the same—except for one thought.

Who are the Aderfeya, and where did they come from?

No matter how much he is hated and pressured for this, told he is mad or worth nothing more than dirt, Tungui must find out.

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